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MATAURO New Website Picture - 2020 - Eva

Evan Grey is a Financial Strategist at MATAURO.


For more than a decade, Evan has focused on financial planning and wealth management. He began his career in financial services by helping clients implement strategies for the accumulation, preservation, and perpetuation of wealth.  Since joining MATAURO, Evan has exceled at designing plans that center on his client’s personal & financial aspirations.  His passion lies in collaborating with clients in a way that allows them to realize their long-term vision and goals.


Evan graduated from Hobart College with a bachelor’s degree in Economics.  During his tenure, he captained the Hobart College soccer team.  Evan maintains a strong love for the sport and enjoys watching and supporting US Soccer. He currently lives on the East Side of Manhattan with his wife Michelle. They enjoy spending time with friends, getting together with family, and pursuing the perpetual hunt for the next great TV series.

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