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Eliran Abekassis is a Portfolio Manager for MATAURO, LLC.


For 8 years, Eliran has concentrated his practice around evidence-based, cost-efficient wealth-management strategies. Eliran’s strong suit is simplifying sophisticated investments concepts into readily deployable financial strategies. Eliran understands the behavioral side of investing and excels at instructing his clients to remain disciplined during emotional markets.


Understanding investment strategy and performance has been a longtime interest for Eliran that he can date back to childhood. At age 10, Eliran would spend free time tracking and researching his brother’s (an equity trader in NYC) investments.


He took his passion into his adulthood and used it to earn a degree in Economics from Binghamton University. Eliran now spends his time focusing on the investment portfolios of both novice and sophisticated investors alike. Eliran currently lives in the Chelsea part of Manhattan and spends his free time doing photography, running and discovering golf courses around the country.


The Portfolio Manager title refers generally to a sales and advisory professional with varied licensing and broker/dealer-associated and registered investment advisor-associated registrations. The title does not refer to, or indicate the availability of, actual discretionary services or portfolio management on the client’s behalf.

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