AJ started his career in financial services in 2010. In 2013 he was asked to step into a leadership role with the company and join the management team. In that role he split time between building his practice and fostering the development of new financial professionals as they began their career in wealth management.  In 2019, after serving as Regional Vice President for five years, AJ transitioned from his leadership role and is now focused on working with his clients to help build successful financial futures. As a comprehensive Financial Consultant, AJ helps with everything from investments, to designing custom insurance strategies, to family and estate planning strategies. As a sports fan, he is a big believer that you need a strong offense AND defense.


AJ earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics at Lafayette College where he also played second base and served as Captain on the baseball team. In 2014 he earned a the title of Retirement Planning Specialist at the Wharton School. He currently lives in Ridgewood New Jersey with his wife Victoria and his son Connor, only a few minutes away from where they both grew up.