“Pursuing balance to define your financial horizon”

SmartSet Process

"Lost time is never found again."-Ben Franklin


As financial consultants, we know the most precious asset you have is time. We also recognize that your busy schedule can make free-time very hard to come by.


The combination of these two factors often causes people to rush, procrastinate, or just plain ignore making important financial decisions that can seriously impact their future.


We created SmartSet, MATAURO’s innovative service group, to provide a strategy to the growing number of people who find themselves without the time, motivation, or know how to properly plan for their financial futures.


We integrate elements of mobile technology with what we believe to be the necessary human element of financial planning. It’s this hybridization of technological and traditional planning that keeps you aware of your assets in real-time and helps you maintain awareness of where you are in relation to your goals.

The SmartSet Process Explained

SmartSet gives you time to plan today so you can have a more confident tomorrow

The 3 Elements of SmartSet:


SmartSet seeks to blur the line between traditional and technological planning models by fusing together three essential elements. This helps to provide an innovative financial planning experience that we believe is both pioneering and effective.

  • Element One: Inclusion

    One key element that separates SmartSet from its competitors is a focus on client inclusion. Many contemporary financial planning platforms available today deal with their clients on a "need-to-know basis". This laissez-faire approach to financial planning generally leads to a failure to properly track investments and/or causes the inability to implement prudent strategies when necessary. We have found that this approach often results in frustrated clients and missed investment opportunities. SmartSet succeeds where others fail by establishing an ongoing system of communication comprised of brief quarterly update calls that help clients both stay in touch and get involved in their financial planning.

  • Element Two: Individualization

    Oftentimes financial consultants will present clients with cookie cutter style solutions to financial decisions that require precision.


    To aid in precision planning, SmartSet employs use of the online web application eMoney. eMoney functions as a virtual financial aggregator which allows clients to see their spending habits and cash flow allocations in real time. Using this information, The SmartSet Team is able to tailor fit the most appropriate strategies for any given problem and aid our clients in establishing healthy financial habits to plan for upcoming goals.

  • Element Three: Innovation

    The combination of the two aforementioned elements leads to an innovative hybridization of the digital and traditional financial planning realms. In addition to combining financial planning models, SmartSet also seeks to extend your business network as clients are provided access to our select network of financial professionals. The combination of these three elements coupled with our experienced advisory team results in what we believe to be an unmatched experience when compared to anything on the market today.

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck