AJ Pisarri


“Pursuing balance to define your financial horizon”


Director of Development


"The financial services industry is in serious need of a face lift and it starts with its leadership. If we can take our passion and enthusiasm for helping clients, we can positively impact the lives and futures of thousands of people, and change the perception of our industry one person at a time."

AJ Pisarri is the Director of Development at MATAURO, LLC.


AJ is responsible for the recruiting, selection and development at MATAURO, LLC. AJ specializes in advising clients on a range of investment ideas with a focus on tax advantaged accumulation of capital, strategic insurance planning, and long-term academic investments. In addition to his work as an advisor, AJ is also a frequent speaker on investment management issues and financial planning concepts.


AJ earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Economics at Lafayette College. In his free time, AJ volunteers for iMentor, an organization that helps high school students graduate and prepare for college. AJ has had a lifelong passion for sports, especially in college where he was captain of Lafayette’s baseball team. AJ stays active where he currently lives in Chelsea NY, by playing basketball, softball and golf.